We offer a premium service to our partners with a competitive price.!

Vocalis d.o.o.

The company Vocalis Ltd. was founded in 1990.

Vocalis d.o.o.Since 2002 the primary focus of the business has been the wholesale voice exchange in the international telecommunications market.

We are one of the rare companies in the region with more than 10 years experience in the transit of international telecommunications traffic (voice wholesale).

The company is 100% owned by the initial founder, without credit burdens, profitable during the entire period of its business. Vocalis is a telecommunications operator registered at HAKOM (the Croatian Agency for Post and Electronic Communications) for the activities which it carries out.

Today we are one of the leading wholesale operators in the region.

Our focus is to offer a premium service to our partners with a competitive price.

General company details:

OIB 21233616010

VAT ID HR21233615010

Registered at the commercial court in Rijeka

MBS 040126840

Bank name: Zagrebačka Banka d.d.

IBAN: HR23 2360 0001 1012 6995 9


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